Why choose Arsenal Technology Group?

Our friendly, expert staff works directly with you to understand the nature of your business and to create a technology plan that meets your budget and your business goals. We take a proactive approach to meeting your needs, and search for customized products and solutions that fit how you do business. It’s this proactive approach to technology services—combined with our hands-on customer service and support—that have helped us become one of the fastest-growing IT service companies in Rhode Island.

When it comes to entrusting someone with the critical investment of your business technology, don’t hire a geek—call a professional. At Arsenal Technology Group, our staff of certified professionals have decades of experience in technology services.  Our skilled technicians are trained to evaluate and resolve problems quickly, because they understand that lost time means lost revenue for our clients.  We strive to anticipate problems before they happen, but when they do—we work to get you back in business fast.

Peace of Mind
At Arsenal Technology Group, we recognize that integrating new technology into your business is a vital part of future growth. At the same time, we understand that technology should simplify what you do—not complicate it.  Our friendly, professional staff are committed to offering solutions that can help you work more efficiently– and with minimal down time.  Whether it’s proactively maintaining your computer systems, or securing and managing your data off-site, Arsenal Technology Group offers you the peace of mind that comes from having experts in your corner.